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For as long as I can remember I’ve loved all things babies - from bumps to new bundles.

When I became pregnant, I wanted my path to motherhood to be right for me and my family. Between the books, blogs, and community groups in Washington, DC, where I live, there were no shortage of resources. But like so many other stages of life before motherhood, the more I learned the more I realized how much was unknown. And as I went from... read more


I couldn't have gotten through those first few weeks without Julie! All of my friends had kids, I have young cousins, I took classes and read books, but nothing prepared me for how out of sorts I would feel after the birth of my daughter.

From just coping with the magnitude of how life was changing, to making the difficult and unplanned decision to move from nursing exclusively to formula, Julie was there every step of the way. Giving me a safe space to speak and be heard, answering every (tear-filled) phone call, giving me advice, and helping me cultivate my inner confidence to make the best choices for me--my sanity, my baby, my family.

I'm so grateful for her support through this unexpectedly difficult time. Anybody would be lucky to work with Julie!


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