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For as long as I can remember I’ve loved all things babies - from bumps to new bundles.

When I became pregnant, I wanted my path to motherhood to be right for me and my family. Between the books, blogs, and community groups in Washington, DC, where I live, there were no shortage of resources. But like so many other stages of life before motherhood, the more I learned the more I realized how much was unknown. And as I went from anticipating being a mom to ticking off milestones, I talked with other women and found I wasn’t alone.

Life doesn’t stop (or get easier) when a baby enters the world. But, the Maternity Planner - that’s me, a certified doula and professional planner - can help.

After years as a project manager, working with clients to creatively find tailored options and  solutions to challenges big and small, I am bringing my planning, resourcefulness, and open minded approach to support women through one of life’s biggest projects. The Maternity Planner is an a la carte service to support women through all the stages of maternity: from finding out they’re pregnant through the postpartum period. The goal of my work is to help each new mama feel knowledgeable about her options and confident in her choices.

I live in Washington, DC with my husband and two-year-old son. I love to cook and entertain, the more complicated and the larger the crowd, the better in my book! As a family, we love to explore cities and the outdoors - but I always pack more snacks and water than necessary. We jam out in spontaneous dance parties or make up songs (with or without our toddler), make silly faces, make a mess, and have fun.

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