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You're Not Just Pregnant, You're Having a Baby.

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

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Getting informed: Birth and Babies edition

It might not seem so obvious at first that you need to prepare for birth and your new baby because in the beginning of your pregnancy you're anxious, nauseous, secretive or all three at once. But, inevitably you’ll reach a point where you’ll think “I actually have to give birth to and take care of the baby growing inside of me! What the F am I going to do?”

This is when you come to me!

For every expectant momma, I recommend the following:

  1. Download a pregnancy app or read a week by week pregnancy guide.

  • Why? It keeps you in tune with the magic occurring spontaneously inside our bodies. It connects you to your baby. It humanizes the process while creating awe in your body.

  • Why? If you’ve faced challenges conceiving, or experienced fetal or infant loss, it can connect you with the individual baby inside of you now and help to appreciate the fragility of it all.

  • Recommendations:

  • The Bump app

  • Ovia Pregnancy app

  • The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

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  1. Sign up for a baby care class offered through your hospital or a third party*

  • Why? While most of newborn care is intuitive, it’s near impossible to listen to your maternal instincts if you don’t feel confident and capable of taking care of a newborn. Taking a newborn care class will help to reduce first week jitters. Also laughing is good for you, and you’ll be laughing as you and your partner attempt to diaper and swaddle a baby doll.

  1. Learn about breastfeeding

  • Why? You’ll hear: Breastfeeding is natural, every woman can do it, babies fed like this for millennia before formula. It may be true, but It came naturally to new mothers because seeing humans and animals birth, feed, and care for their offspring was a part of daily life. Unless that's the case for you it's important to expose yourself to images and information around breastfeeding.

  • Watch the documentary Breastmilk and/or The Milky Way

  • Attend a class at a local breastfeeding center*

  1. Practice self-care

  • Why? Listening to your body and taking time for yourself are vital to surviving motherhood. When it comes to self-care there is no greater time to start than now.

  • Join a prenatal work out class*

  • Meditate, try Expectful, a meditation app specifically designed for expectant mammas.

  • Engage your partner in more responsibility in the home

  1. Prepare professionally

  • Why? You may never know how motherhood will affect how you feel about going back to work, your schedule, or even the field you are in, until after you have a baby. However, learning to advocate for yourself professionally, and demonstrate boundaries for your personal life will become increasingly important as you grow your family.

  • Know your rights – state laws can dictate parental or short-term medical leave policies but they may also be impacted by type of employer or size of the company.

  • Learn what your company offers regarding amount of time offered for parental leave, paid leave, return to work policies, and flex schedules

  1. Take in positive birth stories

  • Why? Throughout your pregnancy, you will likely hear other women’s ‘horror stories’ of what giving birth is like. You’ve seen images in sitcoms and movies showing birth to be horrifying - which I wrote about here. Regardless of your birth ‘plan’ exposure to positive birth stories will not only attempt to create balance in the negativity you’ve heard but may inspire you to further trust in your body and your abilities.

  • Read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

  1. Find the right provider and delivery hospital even if it means changing mid-way

  • Why? You deserve an OBGYN or midwife who support your birth preferences.

  • Why? Not all hospitals are created equal and they don’t all have the same style of care. It’s important to find a place to give birth that you are comfortable with.

  • Bonus: Watch The Business of Being Born Part 1 and Part 2

*Washington DC area resources

Infant care, breastfeeding classes, and prenatal work out classes can be found at:

Coming soon: Resources for Expectant Mamma's with Natural Birth Preferences.

If I didn't cover your favorite go-to online or local resource, let me know in the comments!

Enjoy the learning expectant mammas and reach out with any questions.

From me to you with LOVE,

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