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ZERO WEEKS is not enough

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

I'm upset! Are you?

On Tuesday, we gathered over 100 women (and some awesome men!) to watch the critically acclaimed documentary, ZERO WEEKS which covered Am

erica’s paid leave crisis and its impact on society and culture (available now on itunes!).

The movie shared the powerful stores of people

suffering across America and receiving zero weeks of paid leave.

A Mother undergoing cancer treatment, and recovering from surgery, working at the federal government was given ZERO WEEKS;

A Husband mourning the loss of his twin babies returning to work after 6 days (3 days each for the loss of a loved one) because he was given ZERO WEEKS; and,

A Mother who returning to work while her baby fought for his life in

the NICU because she was given ZERO WEEKS.

Our filmgoers shared their stories as well. A mother, the first at her company to get pregnant, worried about the kind of leave plan she would be offered as she inched towards her due date. A NICU nurse who often consults parents on how to use what little leave they are given. And a woman making her family planning decisions based on the timing of DC’s Paid Family Leave policy.

These stories, and so many others we heard on Tuesday left us feeling desperate, heavy-hearted, and hopeful.

3 states, New Jersey, California and Rhode Island, offer paid family leave policies, with New York, Washington state, D.C. and Massachusetts following suit in the coming years. Paid family medical leave works and improves outcomes for children, decreases families use of public assistance, and supports small business (and so much more!).

To bring this film together, I partnered with the Washington DC Breastfeeding Center, WIN Health Policy Network, and Fit4MomDC. Our partners at WIN put together a resource sheet with organizations, resources, and actions we can take.

All people deserve to be able to take care of themselves or a loved one without risk of losing their job or home.

See some great pictures of our guests and discussion. Looking forward to the next event!

Photos by Always Ard Photography

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