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Panelist Preview with Tara Goldenberg

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Just wait until you meet Tara and you'll get why she is the ultimate in #momgoals!

I'm so excited that she'll be speaking on our panel for the January 9th event, Climbing the Corporate Ladder Baby Step by Step, because that is exactly what she did! She moved to her current job and within a few days found out she was pregnant (after many rounds of IVF). That could've been hard on it's own, but when her little boy Luca was born premature, life threw more challenges her way.

What can you expect to learn from Tara next month? How to advocate for yourself at work. If you have a leadership role, what you can change in your policies to make a real difference in your employee's lives. And how to have GUTS!

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Who’s Tara? How would you describe yourself and what you do professionally?

I was born and raised in Buffalo NY, I’m a cold weather girl. Graduated from SUNY Buffalo with a degree in Human Resources, member of the professional business fraternity - Delta Sigma Pi, moved to DC after graduation (it was going to be DC or NY) to be near my BFF but still ski every winter!

I got into Talent with a DC based tech company MicroStrategy where I got my foot hold in recruiting. Moved into healthcare over time doing executive search for healthcare services organizations, and ultimately investor backed healthcare nationwide.

Was recruited out of search to lead Talent and HR for a healthcare startup in 2012 after a series B round of financing a $13M. 500 employees, 2,000 providers and $400M later I sit at the helm of HR, Talent, Employee Engagement, Culture, Learning and Development and Office Management for a national high growth Goldman Sachs backed physician practice management organization, Privia Health setting out to change healthcare to what it ought to be - harnessed around the doctor patient relationship!

What’s your working mom hack?

Once I realized that no one woman did anything great by herself, I started to lean in to people offering to help, babysit, take my son for play dates, picking him up from school, and more just to find a tiny bit of time every week to think, exercise, take care of me or just take my time to get home...a healthy mommy is better for babe than a stressed out mommy

On the flip side of that I also realized not to take life too seriously. Take a Friday afternoon to pick your kid up early, go on an adventure together: museums, trampoline parks, parks, parades, whatever…..sometimes my son and I just get our nails done!

What do you do (guilt-free) for yourself? Each day, each week, each month?

Each day, I’m not sure but each week it’s yoga, each month it’s hair and nails and each year, I take time away from home for a few nights either solo or with my husband. This year was my inaugural yoga retreat in October and in March I went to New Orleans with my hubby.

One quote that perfectly describes your motherhood experience

“It takes a village”

What are you into these days?

A lot of what we’re reading now is books together, a family, our son just started Kindergarten and he’s learning to read. We’re reading Dog Man together. We are also in OT so anything about connecting the mind and body is a good one for us.

Personally, I'm reading The Coaching Habit and The Power of TED.

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