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I've got #goals

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

It’s 2019, and I've got #goals. Not just New Year's eve tablescape goals because I think I nailed that one (see below) but my 2019 goals are more like #careergoals, #momgoals, and #MaternityPlannergoals. What's on your list?

This year we will unapologetically ask for what we want and what we need, connect on a deeper level with women around us, invest in ourselves, and practice self-care - starting on January 9th!

Let's get started with our panel event, Climbing the Corporate Ladder Baby Step by Step and enter our self-care raffle!

We’re kicking off the year by talking about work and motherhood because, although a lot has been said already about leaning in vs why we still can’t have it all, and there are studies on the impacts of working mothers on children and the economy, we have yet to sit down with women across various stages of motherhood to hear their stories. Motherhood isn’t a secret society; let’s hear what they’ve done, and what they would do different. Let’s learn from their strategies, share resources, and write a story of motherhood that works for us.

It’s easy to lean in when you start your career. It takes no coordination and minimal effort to be the office yes-woman. YES to the extra project, YES to the international client, YES to the last minute travel.

Circumstances change from the very moment we decide to become mothers. Whether it’s scheduling meetings around prenatal appointments, dealing with the hormonal highs and lows of pregnancy, struggling with fertility - a shift is inevitable. And once that adorable baby shows up we’ve got sick-days, childcare hiccups, sleepless nights, and a yearning for nonstop cuddles rivaling our ability to say YES to all things related to work.

Postpartum woman also face an incredible number of challenges, receiving ZERO weeks of paid family leave, 1 in 15 births resulting in postpartum anxiety or depression, and are more likely to experience a decrease in their self-esteem and marital satisfaction.

Yet, the numbers show the women still work! In the U.S., 73% of mothers with children under the age of 6 work outside the home, two-thirds working full-time, resulting in two-thirds of households with women as the primary or co-breadwinner. They do so while receiving very little support!

Women need to know this. Their challenges are not unique to them and they are not alone! And they are not alone in having aspirations outside of their family. Mom’s today have career aspirations, a vision for what their life will look like and what they want to achieve. At our January 9th event, Climbing the Corporate Ladder Baby Step by Step, our panelists will share how they (and how they helped others) advance their careers while planning for and expanding their family.

Our panelists have insights you won’t want to miss!

  • Lori Mihalich-Levin, will tell you how to have a Mindful Return when you’re Back To Work After Baby, and effectively schedule time for what matters to you.

  • Tara Goldenberg, will give the inside scoop from an HR perspective, share her journey including fertility struggles and a NICU baby while growing a company from 5 to 500, and show you how to have guts.

  • Randi Braun, will share her tricks to negotiate for what you want, make a career change during times of transition, and effectively schedule your day.

Looking forward to learning from these women with you on January 9th!



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