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  • Julie Lundy

Do you feel prepared to Climb The Corporate Ladder now? A #TMPevent recap

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

After hearing Tara, Lori, and Randi's stories, I walked away feeling so inspired and ready to, as Tara said, "stop apologizing for being female." I look forward to continuing these conversations with you in the future and can't wait to have you sitting up on that panel! Look out for future blog posts on resources for working women and moms, but for now enjoy some great photos from Wednesday night!

'Snaps' for our supporters

Thank you to The Mom Project for co-sponsoring this event. Thank you to FairyGodBoss who got the word out about our event, and has this awesome pregnancy week-by-week guide for planning your career milestones while preparing to have a baby. Thanks to Chaia Tacos and SweetCrimes for delicious food. Thank you to UrbanStems, MMLaFleur, Seeking Sitters, and Galley for the raffle prizes! Finally, a big round of 'snaps' for our panelists, Tara Goldenberg, Lori Mihalich-Levin, and Randi Braun.

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