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Panelist Preview with Jamie Kushner Blicher

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

From the day I heard Jamie's story, my heart was touched. She took what was a difficult and challenging time in her life and created art that is appreciated both for it's beauty and for it's meaning.

On February 19th, Jamie will serve as one of our panelist's at Mothering Yourself in your Journey to Motherhood. And whether or not you've suffered from infertility or had challenges in trying to get or stay pregnant, the lessons we can glean from Jamie's experiences are applicable to all of us. You'll see, you can just hear her positivity jumping off the page.

Buy your tickets today to hear more from Jamie and the rest of our panelists!

- Julie


Who’s Jamie? How would you describe yourself and what you do professionally?

My name is Jamie Kushner Blicher. I am a very outgoing person--I like to make friends everywhere I go. I am really into family and would much rather hang in than go out. I’m silly and fun but also anxious. And I get very distracted by sparkly things! I buy the Gifts & Glassware category at Total Wine & More. Chances are if you love your wine glass that says “Beach Please”, I helped develop it.

What was your journey to motherhood?

Oh goodness, what wasn’t my journey to motherhood? Here is the short version: My amazing husband, Brian and I tried to have a baby naturally for a year then turned to Shady Grove Fertility. We started with IUI. Unfortunately, we had three failed IUIs and moved to IVF. We had our first retrieval in January of 2017 and got five embryos. The first transfer worked, but we miscarried twin boys at 8 weeks. It was heartbreaking. We transferred the second embryo in the Spring and that didn’t take. We transferred the third embryo in the Summer and that took but resulted in another miscarriage. Somehow even more heartbreaking. That Fall we decided to do another retrieval since we were down to two lower grade embryos. Endometrial polyps were found before the retrieval so I had a hysteroscopy to remove them. I then retrieved two more embryos.

I had it--I then wanted to transfer two embryos instead of one hoping that at least one would work (I then had four embryos--two high grade and two lower grade). Our doctor agreed to transfer the two lower grade embryos not knowing that either would work but sure that both would not work. Well, those two lower grade embryos transferred on 12/1/17 are now my very happy and healthy 6 month old twin sons, Ethan and Bennett. I tear up every time I write about this!

I have always painted and art has always been a form of mediation for me. In 2017, it was something I practiced daily to keep me sane. I started not only using unused IVF needles in my art, but sharing my paintings on social media and speaking out about infertility. It was incredibly healing. My evenings now are spent with the boys and soon I will get back to painting daily.

Given your experiences what’s one thing you wish you could’ve known before embarking on your journey to motherhood?

I wish I knew how common my experience is. Going into this, I knew only a handful of women who had experienced a miscarriage. By opening up about what I was going through, I found out that so many women in my community were going though the same thing. It was eye opening. And a fun fact--all of the women that were dealing with infertility when I was, are now either pregnant or have children! It’s amazing.


I wish I knew how common my experience is.


What are you into these days?


None--I have twins! I do like What to do when you’re having two


I loved P.A.C.E, It was so wonderful to spend my maternity leave with women who were going through exactly what I was. No matter how we got to be Moms, we all were and the bond was incredible.

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You can follow along with Jamie's art, adventures, and her little boys on Instagram @TheGlitterEnthusiast

Buy her art on Amazon and Wayfair.

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