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Panelist Preview with Patty from PattysKloset

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

I'm a long time follower of the instagram account @pattys_kloset where Patty shares her life and fashion and beauty tips. But when Patty announced she was expecting, I became even more connected to her story.

I'm excited to have Patty as one of the speakers at The Maternity Planner @ MM LaFleur, evolving bodies, evolving roles, and #BetterThingsToDoThanShop

Read some of Patty's story below and buy your tickets to the event to learn more from her in person.



Who’s Patty? How would you describe yourself and what you do professionally?

I am a new mom to a beautiful six-month old girl and I live in Maryland with my amazing husband and rescue puppy Brotis! I’m a fashion and lifestyle content creator for my own blog, Patty’s Kloset, that I officially started in 2013. I collaborate with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands to create original digital content that I can share with my audience through my blog and social media.

It initially began as a hobby and really just a place on the internet to share my daily outfits. In 2016, it become my full- time job where I get to connect with people from different parts of the world and work with brands that I love! I also love that it has now become a space where I can share my motherhood journey and connect with other moms.

What’s one thing you wish you could’ve known before embarking on your journey to motherhood?

Motherhood is such a beautiful thing, but if I could go back and tell my pre-mom self one thing before embarking on this journey it would have been to be strong and patient because it is a genuinely hard path. Balancing being a mom and life itself is hard, before you factor in your friendships, relationships, aspirations, and responsibilities. I think it is a balance a lot of moms struggle with. Some days are easier than others, but on those really challenging days you just have to take a moment, breathe and know that everything is going to be ok and that you are not going to have everything figured out.


Be strong and patient because it is a genuinely hard path


On those really challenging days you just have to take a moment, breathe and know that everything is going to be ok and that you are not going to have everything figured out.


How do you retain your sense of self in motherhood?

I always heard the saying “taking care of yourself is taking care of your family”. I know exactly what that means now! I’m grateful to have an amazing husband who helps me out a lot. Whenever I need a mom break I love doing the things that make me feel like me, like going out for coffee with a friend, shopping, getting a manicure, or just some time alone in the house to flip through a magazine with a face mask on. Getting to do those things every once in a while helps me retain my sense of self.

What products or services (for mom or baby) are you into?

This may sound funny but the best product I’m loving right now that makes mom life easier is a crock pot! (haha) My time is extremely limited and cooking a full meal does not feel like the best use of the limited hours available in the day. It is so easy to drop anything in there, let it cook by itself the entire day, all while I work and take care of my daughter. Dinner is magically done by the end of the day.

Baby Products

My favorite baby product is the Graco 2-1 bouncer swing set. My daughter loves movement and the swing motions put her to sleep. I also love that it detaches in one quick step and becomes a bouncer. I practically use it as her mobile lounging station because working from home 80% of the time means I need to carry that all around the house easily with her in it

Baby Fashion

I’m into fashion and teddy coats are currently trending. I just had to get one for my daughter since I already had one. Hers is in a onesie style and I love how warm it keeps her from head to toe! On the first snowfall of the year I took her outside to see the snow and I love the mommy and me picture we took in the snow.

You can follow Patty on instagram @Pattys_Kloset

Read her blog :

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