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Your Body is a Wonderland

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Sing it for the ladies, John.

I’m giving you free rein to love your body. Blast your favorite song and dance! Accept a compliment and give them out freely. Put on your favorite article of clothing and just say “damn, I look good in this!” Tell yourself, ‘My body is a wonderland!”

Loving our bodies and feeling good with what we’ve got is so important as a mom. Our little humans pick up on everything said and unsaid. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those do-it-for-the-kids type of warnings - I’m talking about breaking the chain on the self deprecation women express about their bodies as soon as they become mothers. We should cut ourselves a little slack.

In roughly 18-24 months on average we:

  • gain 20 - 50 pounds;

  • grow 1-2 bra cup sizes;

  • reduce our free time;

  • limit on our mobility;

  • get bodily fluids on our clothing that we never would have expected.

So whether you are a mom, pregnant, or just thinking about motherhood, we’ve put together the event “Motherhood But Make it Fashion” for you! On March 26th, at MM LaFleur a women’s workwear fashion company, we’ll talk with personal style expert, Lani, a personal wellness coach, Susan, and hear from new mom’s fashion blogger, Patty, and wedding and family photographer, Casey.

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We’ll talk about:

  1. Streamlining your wardrobe to fit all of the roles you play

  2. How to dress a changing body

  3. How to shop when you’ve got #betterthingstodothanshop

  4. Self-talk and mom-crew strategies for improving our outlooks on our bodies.

Buy your tickets today!

Order of events

6:00 Sip + shop (if you want!) + mingle

6:45 Expert let discussion

7:30 Share our own experiences

8:00 Sip + shop (if you want!) + mingle

*Babies Welcome

*Food, Drink & Styling provided

#Fashion #Momstyle #workingmom #Motherhood #pregnancy

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