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Panelist Preview with Susan Bodiker of One Girl Wellness

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

I got connected with Susan through the Beacon DC, Women's Entrepreneur network. I was immediately drawn to her after I read about her work on One Girl Wellness, whose tagline, Raising Stronger Women One Girl at a Time, spoke to me immediately.

Susan asks her clients: What would it be like to really love yourself? Wouldn't it feel great to make peace with your body and free yourself from endless cycles of dieting and disordered eating? What would it mean if you could see your life's purpose with clarity, not confusion? How far could greater self-awareness and self-confidence take you?

So it made perfect sense that we brought her in as a speaker for this special event on body image as we live through our evolving roles and evolving bodies.

Buy tickets today to Motherhood But Make It Fashion, to get more of her top tricks.

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Who’s Susan? How would you describe yourself and what you do professionally?

Where to begin on this one?

Short form: health coach, advertising and editorial copywriter, political junkie, doctor wannabe.

Long form: a woman always in transformation, who tries to learn something new or do something creative every day. Who became a health coach to heal herself from her own body image mishegoss (craziness) and help others do the same. (Life is too short!)

I believe that the body heals itself by itself…when it is ready to hear itself. In my practice, I give women the time and safety to hear themselves think and identify what matters to them. So they can get over their weight and on with crafting lives of passion, purpose and meaning.

What’s one thing you wish you could’ve known before embarking on your journey to motherhood?

I wish I had had a crystal ball so I would have known "the kid would be all right.” I wish I had felt more confidence in my decision making. I wish I had been less of a catastrophic thinker. I wish I had been better at balancing work and life and not feel I was cheating when one (usually work) took precedence over the other. (I left him home, sick, one day for a client meeting I absolutely could not miss! Who does that?!) I wish I would have known we’d survive his adolescence.

But I’m glad I did not know in advance how very blown away I’d be by his independent spirit and joie de vivre. It’s been a delight and daily surprise to see the man he’s grown up to be.

What was your journey to motherhood?

It was a long and winding road to motherhood. I was an only child and had had a difficult relationship with my parents and didn’t want to inflict that on any child of mine. Animals were another story; that I could handle. But suddenly at the age of 36 and married for nine years, I had to have a child. Go figure! And the rest is history. A little toxemia (mine), a LOT of colic (his) and an interesting life—including single parenthood--from then on.

What would you say to a woman who is nervous about her changing body?

Your body—like your life—is a work in progress. And it will change…maybe not forever, but short-term. And unless you have a team of stylists, fitness trainers and night nurses, most of us look and feel like hell for a period of time after the baby is born. Accept it and honor it. It may not be pretty, but it is temporary. I promise you.

Ask for help so you can sleep or take a break. (For your sanity) or get a quick manicure (for vanity.) A little self-care goes a long way. And that includes eating healthfully before, during and after pregnancy.

Pregnant or postpartum, dress for the body you have now not who you were 20 pounds ago or will be 20 pounds from now.

The weight will come off. The stretch marks will fade. Treat your body and your emotions with the respect they deserve.

One quote that perfectly describes your motherhood experience

My son is everything I wanted and nothing I expected.

Susan Bodiker

One Girl Wellness

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