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Panelist Preview with Elizabeth Alexander

I met Elizabeth at an event where she presented the research FTI consulting and Mine The Gap produced on Gender Dynamics in the Workplace. The research covered, Enthusiasm Gap at Work, #MeToo at Work, and Culture at work, study findings can be read here.

Outside of her role in producing and analyzing the recent research for FTI consulting, Elizabeth, is a dynamic working mom in her own right. I look forward to having the opportunity to learn more from her findings and her perspective at our upcoming event, Designing The Work-Life That Works For Your Life.

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Who’s Elizabeth? How would you describe yourself and what you do professionally?

Elizabeth E. Alexander is a lawyer, strategic communicator and gender inclusion specialist with a unique blend of high-level legal and communications expertise and experience derived from her years in government, in the courtroom, in politics and in both the non-profit and private sectors.

Alexander, a senior Managing Director at global business advisory firm FTI Consulting, is also the co-author of research focusing on gender dynamics in the workplace, which was featured in Bloomberg News, Axios, CNBC, Fast Company, Inc., and Law360. She is a frequent speaker and panelist on issues related to crisis & litigation, women’s empowerment & leadership, gender inclusion and women in business & law. In addition, she is a RIVA-trained focus group moderator, with a qualitative research emphasis on the workplace priorities of women professionals and the challenges of mothers who also work outside the home. She is licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland and resides in Bethesda, MD with her husband and two young sons (ages 4 and 2).

How did you design your work-life to work for your life? What’s one way it totally works and one challenge?

Designing the work-life that works for my life is a constant -- and consistent -- on-going process. It works because I’m able to use all 24 hours in a work day to get my work done… the downside is, I often use nearly all of those hours to get my work done...

Given your experience what is one thing you wish you could’ve known before embarking on your journey to motherhood?

That joy and pain can co-exist so equally and so beautifully all at the same time.

What’s your working mom hack?

Hot Rollers. Who has time to do a complete round-brush blow out every morning? I use old-school Conair hot rollers nearly every day - quick, easy fake blow out. Oh and dry shampoo… lots and lots of dry shampoo.

What do you do (guilt-free) for yourself? Each day, each week, each month?

Guilt-free exists? I don’t buy it. (But I do get dip manicures every two or three weeks)

One quote that perfectly describes your motherhood experience?

“The best laid plans of mice and (women) often go awry….” - Steinbeck, with a modern tweak by yours truly.

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