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Panelist Preview with Rochelle Behrens

Rochelle and I have been friends for years, and I consider her to be an amazing friend, a wonderful hostess, and a fashion icon of my friend group, so I'm so excited to introduce her to all of you.

I asked Rochelle to participate in our upcoming event, Designing The Work-Life That Works For Your Life, because her of her business origination story, a commitment to find flexibility in her work-life so that she could be the mom, wife, and woman she would one day become. Also, I love that her product, The Shirt, helps corporate women (or any who wear button-down shirts) avoid that annoying gape.

Buy your tickets today to our upcoming event to learn more from Rochelle about what works and what's still hard when you've designed your own work-life!

- Julie


Who’s Rochelle? How would you describe yourself and what you do professionally?

I am the founder and CEO of The Shirt, a company I started which makes button down shirts for women that actually fit. I patented a technology to eliminate blouse gape and built a company around making women feel confident wearing shirts, especially to work.

How did you design your work-life to work for your life? What’s one way it totally works and one challenge?

I come from a family where everyone works for themselves. While I didn’t specifically set out in my career to achieve that, it is the only model I was exposed to and so it was very natural for me to take risks and design my work-life myself.

After working in a traditional office environment for several years, I saw how challenging it seemed for my colleagues who were mothers. While I was in my 20s, not yet married and had no children when I started The Shirt, having flexibility quickly became something I valued heavily. The flip side of that is that by working for yourself, you have no actual time off. There is no way to feel good about taking even a lunch break, let alone relax entirely while on vacation. So while I can work from anywhere, it also means that “anywhere” better have really good internet connection.


"So while I can work from anywhere, it also means that “anywhere” better have really good internet connection."


Given your experience what is one thing you wish you could’ve known before embarking on your journey to motherhood?

I don’t think I understood how short the day becomes, especially with a child in pre-school. The whole day gets truncated and I have to be productive where I find the time. There no longer is the luxury of large blocks of time to do anything, business or personal and that has been the biggest adjustment.

How do you retain your sense of self in motherhood?

I’m still working on this. My husband and I get sitters all the time and try to go out as much still as possible. We always put our kids to sleep before we leave, but we do try to carve out that time together. I also cook quite a bit and that makes me happy. I’m still working on making time just for myself. To make me really feel like my old self, I’ll watch a Real Housewives episode.

What’s your working mom hack?

It’s important for my daughters to see me work, so they know what I do. I try to incorporate them as much as possible like having them sit in on photo shoots. And when I’m on calls and they’re in the background, I just acknowledge they are there. For a while I would try to go to a quiet place but my children would somehow locate me and scream more. I found that by being upfront, the person I’m on the phone with can usually relate and it takes a little bit of the pressure off of me to keep them quiet and focus at the same time. But if all else fails, I keep play dough and markers on my desk just in case.

You can keep up with Rochelle and The Shirt on:

Instagram @theshirt_rochellebehrens and @rochellebehrens

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