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Panelist Preview with Rashida McKenzie, Founder of Queen Bee Conceirge

If there's one thing Rashida and I have in common is that we both believe mom's do NOT have to do it all!

So when I thought of who would be an awesome panelist for our upcoming event, Designing The Work-Life That Works For Your Life, I thought of Rashida, because whether you're trying to lean all-the-way in or find a bit more balance in your day, knowing when and where you can outsource your responsibilities is important.

Buy your tickets to the event to learn more from and about Rashida!

- Julie


Who’s Rashida? How would you describe yourself and what you do professionally?

I am a woman, wife, and mother who wants to be the best at all 3. Professionally, I am a Lifestyle Strategist who helps women executives, entrepreneurs and leaders with little ones to have career and a home life they love without sacrificing either.

How did you design your work-life to work for your life? What’s one way it totally works and one challenge?

Initially, I didn’t. After being on bed rest for 22 weeks, laid off one week before going back to work, and then launching and throwing myself into a business helping other moms with the many tasks on their plate, I ironically began to feel burnt out and had to reevaluate and redesign my work-life and prioritize. What works is the amount of flexibility that I have, the challenge is setting boundaries and being clear that flexibility doesn’t always mean availability.

How do you retain your sense of self in motherhood?

Date myself at least once a month. For example: If there is a movie I want to go and see that I know my husband isn’t into, I don’t drag him along, I’ll just go and see it.

Who is your style inspiration?

Gabrielle Union and her NY&CO collection. Takes you from parenting to professional and covers everything in between!

What do you do (guilt-free) for yourself?

Dream and Do daily. I am unapologetically becoming the woman and I want to be when I am 80.

One quote that perfectly describes your motherhood experience

Your ‘daughter’ will do what she sees, not what you say!

Follow along with Rashida and Queen Bee Concierge

Instagram: @QueenbeeConcierge

Facebook: @QueenbeeConcierge


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